Party Direction

What do?

Everyone’s gonna fill out this not-flashcard.

Social #
Puzzles #
Combat #

These three categories I think will be the primary situations the party will find themselves in.

  • “Social” in this case means interactions with NPC’s and each other, getting to act scenes out and trying to solve problems through the manipulation of other people.
  • “Puzzles” here means that you’ll experience traps, riddles, notebooks full of ravings, mysteries that might last several sessions.
  • “Combat” is what it says on the tin, referring to the game system itself and the application of tactics to dominate opponents.

You’ll notice there are three number signs. You’re going to order these three categories, choosing either 1, 2, or 3. This is just to let me know if there are particular leanings – say that the entire party tends to rank Combat highly. I’ll know to pepper in more combat than usual. However, you should still expect a healthy dose of all three of these.

Send Nick a private Slack with your results and he’ll post the results up here later.

Party Direction

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