Character Relations

What do?

1. Jeannie
2. Alex
3. Mel
4. Paul
5. Jack

Imagine that this was the order everyone sat at a circular table (so Jack and Jeannie were sitting next to each other). I’m going to pass out flashcards to everyone, and you’re going to do the following:

NOTE: When I say “a few sentences” I seriously mean a few. Here’s an example of someone using this system for the Dresden Files RPG.

Left behind when the fey retreat, Amadan finds all the Ways back to the Faerie Courts closed to him. He travels the world, seeking desperately to find a way back, but eventually comes to realize that he prefers life among the mortals.

See? Just a few.

1. Background: Fill out a few sentences explaining your character’s background, where they’re from, who their parents are, etc.
2. Coming of Age: Fill out a few sentences explaining what shaped your character. Do they have any enemies? Did they make any life-changing decisions? How did they come into their profession?
3. First Adventure: Fill out a few sentences explaining your characters debut as a heroic figure. This would be their first book or pilot episode in a TV show.

NOW PASS YOUR CARD DOWN THE LIST (Cycling back to the top if you’re at the bottom)

4. Guest Starring…: Fill out a few sentences explaining how your character was involved in someone else’s story


5. Also Starring…: Fill out a few sentences explaining how your character added to the adventure you were given.

At the end of this, you should have a brief idea of your character’s backstory and concrete relationships with at least two other party members at the table. Just pass your blob of text around in Slack and send it to me when you’re done! If we don’t finish this before our first session, I’ll ask that people spend a few minutes finishing up before we begin.

Character Relations

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