Isandros Ghale

Half-Elf Ranger


Isandros Ghale, half-elf, grew up with his human mother at the Three Compass, a tavern whose primary clientel was the Worshipful Company of Carpenters. As a tolerated outsider, he avoided conflict and worked amid the racoteurs who drank and ate in the pub.

Coming of Age
Taking more visible responsibility in the pub meant that Isandros mixed heritage became more of an issue. One conflict with an inebriated human escalated and Isandros stabbed the client with the woman’s own sword. He fled to the woods where he was taken in and mentored by a lone ranger patroling the area, Eyfast Kjotsson. Returning to town (9 years later) upon the news of his mother’s illness, Isandros found that everyone genuinely thinks the human tripped and fell on a nail. How could this version of event be so different from what he remembered?

Heroic moment
An influx of elementals has become a problem in this area of the country and there was an air elemental around. Eyfast worked quickly, setting up his spells and incantations to dispell the air elemental but was quickly overpowered. Isa dragged him still mumbling his spell to the cover of a large rockpile until the elemental was distracted and wandered away.


Stat block (preliminary):

12 Str
10 Dex
14 Con
14 Int
16 Wis
10 Cha

Proficiencies (preliminary): Athletics, Insight, Nature, Perception, Persuasion, Stealth, Survival
Languages: Common, Elvish, Primordial, Dwarvish, Goblin

Guest Starring Caluzire

The Three Compass was one of many taverns Caluzire played his hand at in looking for patrons interested in his craft. Having heard from one of the owners a sad tale of a half-elf murdering a client and fleeing into exile, he took it as a challenge. Cal offered to try and change the story in exchange for a stage to perform on and earn some much needed coin. From time to time, he would play to the crowd with moments of silence for the human that was murdered here by an inbred… the human who was attacked after provoking that inbred… the human who attacked and inbred and lost her life because of it… the human who attacked a half-elf and died hitting her head on a table. Until the victim became no more than a joke. He met Isandros later, when Isa returned from exile to visit his ailing mother. By then, Cal had forgotten why that bumbling fool who fell on a nail or something was such a crowd pleaser of a story. He had been telling the tale for years, though, so why stop now?

But Caluzire always needed more stories, and more companions who could help make them, so he worked quickly to befriend the mysterious Half-elf who had just returned from exile, because the descriptor “mysterious half-elf who just returned from exile” is bound to have a great story behind it, right?

Also Starring Garm:

A local ranger and his apprentice had always been on good terms with Melchior, and Garm had gotten to know the apprentice Isa fairly well. When he heard they planned to take on an Air elemental he had to watch, albeit from afar. It was clear the creature would overpower Eyfast if nothing was done. Garm called on the animals in the nearby woods and used them to distract the elemental, hitting them with guerilla tactics and pulling it further and further away from the rangers and the town. When it was suitably lost deep in the forest he retreated. Eyfast and Isa seemed to pull through, and Garm took it upon himself to tag along whenever they took excursions into the wood.

Isandros Ghale

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