Wood Elf Druid


Wood Elf Druid
Alignment: True Neutral

Height: 5’6"

Read – I can read people like a book. Well, not a “book” book. I don’t like books much.
Animals – Animals are more trustworthy than other creatures. I’d rather deal with a bear than a politician.

Survival – I understand the hunger that drives creatures, and I see acts of survival as inherently neutral.

Family – The creatures of the forest are like family, and I will do what I can to protect them.

Lonely – I cannot stand being alone. It leaves me uneasy.


Background: Garm was found by a druid deep in the woods near snowbridge, an elven child with a gash on his skull wandering barefoot in the snow. The druid, Melchior, took him in and tended to him. The child couldn’t remember the reason he was in the woods beyond running from the wolves. The gash was healed easily enough, but as the years went by hair refused to grow from that side of his head. Searching for his parents turned up nothing, and after a few years Melchior settled on caring for the child himself. As the boy grew, trained, and learned of the world, he took on the name Garm.

Coming of Age: Garm was sent on a pilgrimage some sixteen to seventeen years ago, a trip to visit the Tree of Life in Wanderden. This was a huge step for him. Leaving behind the few friends he had made in the area was more daunting than the journey itself. But at the insistance of his mentor he made his way. It was within a year after arriving in Wanderden that the war broke out and he was called back home.

First Adventure: When Garm arrived back home Melchior was preparing to head to the capitol himself. Garm was charged with guarding the forest in his absence, and he took the order to heart. He warded off any creatures that sought residency in the woods. On one occassion he enlisted the animals he grew up with to defend the outer areas of Snowbridge’s territory. A well timed surprise attack from the forest at their flank left the invading army crippled. Local villagers believe the forest rose up to save them, reinforcing the old faith in those areas. Garm prefers it that way.

Since the war ended five years ago Melchior has not returned. The messenger ravens Garm has sent to contact him have gone unanswered and he’s heard little news of the Circle. Despite being charged with the defense of the forest the young druid has set out with a group friends, hoping their mercenary work will procure him passage to Wanderden.

Not many combatants saw what crippled the invaders, and even fewer believed their eyes, but Devon knew that even the possibility of a forest rising up to defend the surrounding area was worth investigating further. Though he reported what he had seen to the abbot, his report was written off as part of his fanciful imagination. Determined to find out more, Devon went into the forest itself and found a lone wood elf, exhausted from directing the animals in the recent attack. Though he was unable to convince the elf, Garm, to join the fight in earnest, he was able to later convince him to leave his forest and come into town every so often after the war ended, promising that Garm would be more likely to hear news about his missing mentor.


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