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Halfling Monk



Halfling Monk. Neutral Good. 54 Year old male, 3’ tall 40 pounds.

Background: Devon is a 54 year old halfling, raised by a gnomish monk father and a gnomish rogue mother – his biological parents are unknown. He was sent to a monastery at 19 to grow up, but the abbot found he was still too playful and wild, so he was sent to serve on a boat with the abbot’s old friend. The abbot’s friend declared him ready to return to the monastery at 29, and Devon’s split his time between monastery duties and acts of conscience since.

Coming of Age Moment: He fell off the boat he was sailing on in a bad storm during the second year that he was on it. He swam and made it back to shore – at the time, he was still resentful of being sent from the monastery and considered just heading home. Inspired by a bloodied and injured Orc on the road, he changed his mind and made it back to the town with the boat in time to rejoin the crew and continue working under the captain, until he had learned all he was supposed to learn.

First Adventure: After his service on the boat and on his way home, he heard rumors of an abusive animal breeder. He investigated and found the stories were true. The next day, the animals were freed and the breeder was found trussed up in front of the constable’s office. He didn’t mean to keep a pet, but the rat sort of kept him and now he just… follows him around. He’s named him Nico.

Has a miniature statue of a red dragon (causes unsettling dreams for whoever sleeps near it). Found it on the ground after the bloodied orc disappeared into thin air while Devon had turned around for an instant.




Amended background info: Has a pet rat named Nico.

Guest Starring Isandros

Isandros vaguely remembered the halfling at his mother’s bedside from his childhood… at least, if he had more hair. Though initially disquieted that such a private problem involved outsiders, Isandros was mollified when he learned of how the monk had been visiting for months and doing what he could for her illness, and when he could do nothing else, stuck around to help ensure that things transitioned smoothly between owners.

Also Starring Caluzire

Caluzire approached Devon in a Snowbridge tavern, initially mistaking his ludicrously long name, halfling race, and pet rat as the quirks of a fellow bard. This turned out not to be the case at all, but Cal eagerly chatted with him, extracting a number of exciting stories from Devon’s decade at sea, as seafaring stories were not yet in Cal’s repertoire. Whenever Cal retells them, Devon is always surprised at exactly how many exciting stories he had in his time on the water; Caluzire always seems to have a new one that Devon doesn’t remember himself. But if Caluzire can make Devon sound interesting and exciting enough to get him a discount on housing for this “up and coming legend”, he must be a good friend to have, right?

Devon Birdcatcher Bathrobe de Rockheaded WhipperWillowson

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