Caluzire "Cal" Armorn

Apprentice Loremaster of the Delmirev Clan


Smoothscaled, Brass dragonborn. Chaotic Good, as his lineage would imply.

Age 31

6"5’, 210 lb.



Caluzire, or “Cal” as his friends call him, grew up in the reclusive Delmirev Clan. Though well educated about the realm through the clan Loremaster, few in that clan venture out into the world and interact with the major city-states of Nim. Caluzire stood out from the youth in his brood due to his scales’ unusual smoothness and light shade for the clan. He stayed on the edge of every social circle, participating in games, activities, and adventures with all of the other youth. He’d tell the stories of each group to the others, with a healthy degree of embellishment, inspiring them to take on even greater challenges and childhood adventures. And while this made all the youth jealous of eachother, constantly trying to keep up with the standards Caluzire’s tales were setting for them, it made him close acquaintances, if not friends, with everyone around his age.

Coming of Age

The Delmirev Clan Loremaster, Shamash Otiseth, noticed how Caluzire could capture a room with his voice alone, and took him under his care, training Caluzire in the essential arts of Music and Dance to round out his skills. Shamash quickly learned that while Caluzire’s stories were captivating, they also lacked a critical attention to facts required of a future clan Loremaster. Not wanting to waste the promise his young apprentice showed, Shamash had the clan provide Caluzire with basic combat and survival training and sent him out into the world at the age of 15 on a Loremaster’s Pilgrimage of sorts. Caluzire was instructed to befriend the Bards of the world, take meticulous (and accurate) notes, and return to the clan world-wise and with a collection of stories and songs from across the realm.

Caluzire’s travels quickly brought him to Snowbridge, where he settled in nicely, swapping stories and knowledge with its diverse cast of citizens and travelers. The Church of the Dragon made Caluzire feel comfortable there, and provided a vast library for him to study from.

First Adventure

But he soon grew bored, rarely having the captive, easily inspired audience he did as a child back home. He petitioned the church to hire him to follow a hired party on a ruins expedition and chronicle their journey in song and lore. He was looking both for a small taste of the adventure he had been studying and some gold in his pocket, as he was running low. He started merely as a tagalong. but found the party appreciated his stories and song to keep them inspired on the trek. The real turning point came in the ruins’ depths, however, when the party was ambushed by a small group of orcs. The foes initially left Caluzire alone, as he was a Bard, but sensing his moment, he drew his longsword and provided a rallying cry, that his party would succeed in the name of Bahamut. His rush into battle just barely tipped the scales in their favor, helping the party survive, and a live party provided a much more interesting tale for his notebook than a dead one.

But it was the reaction his later performances of that story garnered in the town that sold him on a lifetime of adventure. The crowd appreciated a recent, exciting story over a legend years old, and he was never good at remembering historical facts anyhow. With each retelling he refined the facts until they were at their most captivating, and it was much easier to sell a story he was a part of, if not the hero of, than one watched secondhand or heard retold thirdhand. With his talents now providing a livable income, he knew what he’d spend the rest of the years doing, and what sort of legends he’d be bringing back to his clan decades from now.

Guest Starring
Also Starring Garm

Garm had watched the adventurers with helpless curiosity; Melchior his mentor had agreed to give them safe passage to ruins on the outskirts of the forest. He was surprised to see them return victorious, let alone return at all. The ruins were a place he was bade never to go, and few who entered came back. Fueled by curiosity he asked them what had happened and was met with the adrenaline fueled tales of a very charismatic serpent. Though he could tell there was embellishment, even of events that had happened moments ago, Garm was captivated. Without Melchior knowing he would occasionally sneak into town late at night to catch the daring tales of Caluzire, learning albeit exaggerated stories of what was happening in the world outside his forest. After so long a familiar face becomes a friendly one, and he was swept up in a strange but thrilling friendship with this fast-talking serpent.

Caluzire "Cal" Armorn

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